Performance Pilates
The thinking person's exercise!

Our Classes

We provide a full timetable of pilates classes to suit your individual needs.  The focus is on fitness, injury prevention, rehabilitation and general well being! 

Our focus in on client education/teaching as well as instruction.  We like our clients to understand what they are doing and why. We value evidence-based exercise therapy, and our teachers regularly update their knowledge on current methods and developments in the field of both pilates and exercise.  In this way, you will share in their knowledge and be able to grow your own body-intelligence.  Make the most of your body, improve your appearance and help it to last well throughout your life!

Studio Sessions 

Simply the best way of working out:  individually focused, well-designed and time-efficient.  75 minutes in length, they cover both mat and equipment work.  We offer over 26 differing class times per week so you are able to book and choose any time or any number of classes per week to suit your needs. Take a look out our schedule to find a time that best suits you.


Perfect for people beginning pilates, those who are aiming for specific performance goals or for carefully guided rehabilitation.  We are happy to work in with your practitioner (doctor/physiotherapist/osteopath/massage therapist) to discuss your pilates programme in order to give you the most effective exercises.  60 minutes in length.